25th June

I am in Bali in Ubud and the hotel that I am in is making such a racket that it is driving me mad. Still, the room is fine and I will not be spending too much time here but out and about. The amount of development is insane. I have not been to Bali for 30 odd years and it really is something to behold. Concrete is slowly covering the whole island. Development gone insane and compared to my quiet existence on the island, this is totally manic. It will be good to get back when I finally do.

21st June.

Another day in paradise. I love waking up to the sun and the elements, with the wind tossing the bamboo shoots around, and the ocean squinting back at me occasionally. The meditation has been done and I feel after my shower, I am relaxed and gathered enough to drink my coffee, prepare my lunch and eat my breakie. The biggest decision I will make this early part of the day is is whether I ride my bike or take the car. I think I shall take the bike. I feel like some exercise after a long stretch in the car last week. It is great having the option mind you, especially when the food comes in from the barge.

20th June

The below images perfectly encapsulate the water and sky intersections of the island. It is such a fascinating place to be in and experience. I must say that I have had a ball since being here and it constantly intrigues with its play of light and the dance of the weather across the island.

I was reflecting last night watching a music video of the history of music in this part of the world and of course Warumpi Band came up and the song Island home referenced. I heard that song sung at Papunya in 1991 when I was working there as an adult educator by the Warumpi band and of course it was referenced in the desert, but pulled from the island home that I currently call home; Galiwin’ku. After 25 years, something is folding back on itself. I was meant to be here I think and something has come full circle.

I was thinking just the other day on the fact that all lives have woven through them threads that we do not see at the time. It is impossible to actually see the threads that cruise through, and yet, there is a coherence when you step back a little and see what is going on. Clarity comes with a little perspective.

And for me, travel affords even more of a perspective of where you are and what you actually want to do. One comes back literally a different person.



19th June.

aas copy.jpg

In the water up here you can imagine all sorts of things coming out to meet you and greet you. The humble frog for instance is never far away.

On the cusp of going to Indonesia again after 30 odd years which seems strange and yet also familiar. I am practising my Selemat’s etc, which usually gets me by. I am doing a massage course in Ubud and then am shooting off to Java to Borobudur and maybe Jogyakarta for a time, and I am not exactly sure what the itinerary after that will be, but that matters not really. I really don’t care. Also, I travel alone for the first time in ages, and that will be a new experience for me after all this time. No partner and no children in tow. I will miss the sharing of course. But, I look forward to travelling alone because we all travel alone anyway. Making decisions is also so easy as there is very little disagreement with the outcome that is chosen. And no one to blame for the regrets either.

I have enjoyed the stay here so far and have no idea how long it will be for, as I came merely for a term and have extended it till the end of the year and then will assess what is happening after that. Apart from the fact that I can earn good money here with minimal costs apart from mortgage at home, it is a fascinating place to live at and the people are equally fascinating. I really enjoyed Milingimbi with the same families and ties and this place is no different. I feel that I am extremely fortunate to be able to experience this place. there are also some really nice people here who I work with, both Balanda and Yolngu and the interactions are fascinating.

I was at church today as I have wanted to see how this community embraces religious fraternity and it was a very generous space to be in. I felt very welcomed by all and sundry and felt that the warmth of the people certainly shone through. I would say also that the church needs some TLC attached to it, as the church is central geographically in the community, but also posited on the highest point of the island on purpose and needs a facelift. I hope to be involved with helping out here.

June 18th

As you can see, it is over 5 months since I last entered anything into this site, and so much has actually happened. I feel that I have been through the proverbial wringer and am only starting to come out the other side, albeit a tad wet, yet at the same time a much changed person with a new set of clothes.

Jade for Molela.jpg

The above is an alter that I created in late April, which has started me on my meditative journey and is the shrine that I have placed in my flat here on Galiwin’ku. It was the first step that I took also in claiming myself again in a spiritual sense for the first time since god knows when. It has been a hard trot out here and I have wanted to start the journey of self discovery in an environment that is so totally different to anything that I have been in for the past 10 years in particular around the Alice.

There is a chance that I may never go back to live in the Alice again, especially long term, which is a shame, as it is indeed such a beautiful spot, and i have many strong memories of a place that has nurtured me over the past 25 years of my life off and on. My show last year was testament to that connection to place.


In the first week I went around with my bike quite a lot and spent time at the beach with my bike taking in the shadows in particular continuing my theme that I had been doing for so long now, yet one that still informs me.

mewe copy.jpg

The notion of silica and sand is still an important element in my life, and here I am by the sea this time in my Island Home. Interestingly enough, this is exactly where I have come from which was Papunya in my first engagement with the Centre in 1991 where I saw the Warumpi band play that song, and now I am living in the land of where that song referenced from. It is fascinating how the world ties and warps and weaves itself round and round. Seen from afar, it really is so simple.


The other  theme that I have been continuing is that of the body painting, where I am also layering the Photoshop story into the picture. This picture is from the Centre as background where I shot against the Telegraph Station light at dusk with my shadow into the trees and I have juxtaposed my image of the painted self partially washed as counterpoint to the fire energy behind. It is like the bride stripped bare if you like, but I feel it is a raw and naked picture

But back to the Alice where i have referenced from ever since living in Australia.  I am after all this year able to call myself a Territorian as I have lived here now for 25 years on the trot more or less. But, it was time to leave and try out the Top End again which has always drawn me, especially the sea. The hayfever in the Alice is so bad for me, yet here on Galiwin’ku, it is marvellous, and the extreme of the heat and the cold I am not interested in so much. If I lived in a climate where there are four seasons again by the beach maybe, but I am not in that surrounds either. I have always enjoyed the Top End and now have the opportunity to be in this environment for an extended time. I am not sure at all, and it will be till the end of the year at least, maybe more in fact.


The dog theme continues as it must with me, and the shadow dance in particular continues onwards again.

I have much to write and much to catch up with and over the next week or so hopefully will get the chance to add lots more material.

Jan 7th

I have placed the above shots in this page, as it is the water cycle down South, which being very different, affords a unique perspective on the two totally different environments. I have called this place home now for almost 10 years and to me, it is normal. And I might add, it is unbelievably varied and stunning.

January 3rd 2016

Both the below photos show where Galiwinku resides. I should add a shot of Northern Aussie too to give context. From late Jan till at least April the 8th, this will be my new home, and one that I shall be teaching Art at which excites me. I have the opportunity to actually do something novel and new and this is actually right up my alley.

I have not been up to Arnhemland for 10 years and it will be interesting going back, especially by myself as my family are all doing their thing at the moment. This gives me a lot of freedom to actually create space and place, but the down side is that I am on my own and I understand that. Still, this is what I sought and I have managed to get what I wanted which was to this Island. I have the opportunity to create something exciting and add to the matrix of the island in some exciting ways.




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