Work opportunities

I am an artist educator, who over 38 years has taught Primary, Secondary and Tertiary, and have taught in many different environments.
I bring to my resume, many different possibilities and options and am a very creative person. As can be seen below, I have many different abilities, but the main linkage is creativity, irrespective of the subject.
I am also prepared to work one on one and be involved with Art projects of any kind.
Call me if you want to talk.

Curriculum Vitae.

Noel James Ferry
Date of Birth 26-01-55
New Zealand
(Citizenship – Australian).

Education & Qualifications.

1974-1977 Dunedin Teachers’ College N.Z.
Trained Teachers’ Diploma. (Art Major).
1989- Underdale S.A.C.A.E. Adelaide.
-Ceramic Design.
1990-1991 Sydney University N.S.W.
Post Graduate (Fine Arts) – Ceramic Sculpture.

Teaching/Work Experience.

1978-1981 Primary Teaching- Specialising in Art
-Various Schools (New Zealand).
1981- Relief teaching in N.T. Australia.
-Katherine High school (Art).
-V.R.D. Station School (Sole charge).
1981-1983 Extensive Overseas Travel
-this included 3 month Teaching in Jewish College,
London (Yeshody Harcorah).
1983- Returned to N.Z.-Temporary Teacher (Art)
-Auckland. N.Z.
1984-1988 Head of Department (Art).-St. Bernard’s College.
-Wellington. N.Z.
1989- Whilst studying in Adelaide,
-tutored Aboriginal High School children
Remedial Maths & English (D.E.E.T.).
1990-1991 Part-time Teaching, Sydney University. N.S.W.
-Drawing, ceramics and photography.
-Part-time Tutor at Eora. Redfern, Sydney. N.S.W.
(Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts).
-Teaching Art, English & Maths.
1991-1992 R.A.T.E. Tutor (Remote Area Teacher Education).
Aboriginal Teacher Ed. Based on Communities.
1991- Lecturer, At Papunya, via Alice Springs, N.T.
1992- Lecturer at Santa Teresa, via Alice Springs, N.T.
1993-1994 H.O.D. Art, Makoura College, Masterton New Zealand.
P/T Lecturer at Masterton Tafe College
– Life drawing (night school).
Co-ordinator High School Exhibition, Masterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand.
1995 Batchelor College Early Childhood Conference-Co presented with wife Katie
Series of Art Seminars (ideas wi Ith paper)
1995-1996 Lecturer , Batchelor College, R.A.T.E., Yuendumu, N.T.
1997 Remote Area Tutor For Batchelor College On Various Remote
Deet Tutor For South Australian Uni , I.A.D.
Deet Tutor for Deakin University, IAD.
Relief Teacher with Education Department Alice Springs.
Art Teacher , specialist support, Amoongana School
Guest Lecturer, Batchelor College Multi Literacies Workshop.Lecturer,
Batchelor College. Responsible for Finke Access
1997 Specialist Art Programme, Amoongana School, Alice Springs.
Tutor Adult Ed students Deakin uni, South Australian Uni in-Aboriginal studies through I.A.D. Alice Springs.
Lecturer, Batchelor College, Remote Communities.
Lecturer responsible for Literacy/numeracy Access Programme, -Apatula Community.
1998 Lecturer , Batchelor College, ‘Men’s Prog’, Alice Springs -Mar-Dec.
Regional co ordinator and deliverer of VET, Local Gov’t Housing -course, Batchelor College, Alice Springs. (Feb-March).
1999 Programme Co ordinator Batchelor College Men’s literacy -Programme Central desert, Alice Springs.
1999 May-October- Regional Co ordinator/Manager for Tanami Network. (Interactive -Compressed Video Company for Remote Aboriginal Communities centred in Alice Springs).
1999-2000 – Educational/ WWW Consultant to Aura-Soma, Tetford, England ( Colour Therapeutics).
Aug 2000-2001 – Teaching with NT Education Dept Alice Springs Acacia Hill Special Needs School.
Jan 2002-2005 – Teacher (Steiner), Mt. Barker Waldorf School
July 2005 – July 2006 Milingimbi CEC (High School Teacher)
July – Oct 2006 DET teacher at Ilpurla (Co ordinator of Ed Prog).
Oct – Dec 2006 Indigenous Transition Unit CO ordinator ASHS, Alice Springs
2007 Gillen Primary School (Art Specialist Teacher and at Amoonguna Primary on Fridays ran school.
2008 – 2013 Alice Springs Steiner School ( Permanent), (Class room teacher).


Noel Ferry
6 Priest Street
Alice Springs
NT 0870

Mobile 0409262680

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