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The Show I am having at the Residency here in the Alice is opening on October 16th and will be viewable till the 30th November. I have chosen this venue due to its proximity to town, but also, so many people go there to sit and chat and just chill out. It is one of the original historical buildings in the Alice and will proudly attire my photos. 

yass please   sir

And here you see the signature piece of the show, which encapsulates the idea of shadow cast with illumination, and everything is shown. There is nothing hidden. Even the Anima figure in the bottom right adds weight to the picture. A chance shot, but a worthy one. Shot at my beloved Darwin Nightcliff Foreshore, this was a special shot shot against an overcast sky with the light bleeding through.


The picture above may not be used in the show, but gives an example of shadow and its impression on landscape. Spinifex is a fascinating material, as although tough and spiky, it is also quite inviting for animals seeking shelter and manages to hold then throw an amazing array of light and shadow.


And here we have one of the shots set at the clay pans, and one that especially I feel was very special. The mark of the retreating waterline which was wrapped round the wheel that etched the pattern is amazing. I love it out there at the Claypans, and every time that I go there, I see something new. And, it is so close to the Alice.


And talking about the claypans…this beauty was taken about  years ago, and was merely water left behind from perhaps a car tyre. But to me, it has such a strong anthropomorphic feel about it and the colours are gorgeous and warm.


And the show also features one of the canine stars of the Centre; Noodles. She has been such a willing participant in so many photo shoots and always manages to offer that special pose that only a dog can give you. Dogs are such important parts of our lives here in the Centre and their innate sense of the sensate make them ideal harbingers of a manner of being foreign to most of us.




As you can see above, dogs are something that feature heavily in the work that I do. The Alice has a special meaning for these animals as there is a major dreaming site here, but for me, they are guardians, loyal to a tee, and are very sensual creatures. When I think ‘sensate’, I always conjure up a dog.


And talking about sensate. Just how grounded is this shadow?

This year in October, I will be having an exhibition of photographs at the Residency here in the Alice, primarily focused on shadow and the connection to water. There are a couple of shots relating to Darwin as well, but these encapsulate the above theme.

It has been a long time since I had a show, and this year I have more space than most to be able to achieve the goal of getting it out there. Te photographs that I have are an interesting collection that go back really, 5 years now, and the computer is not the best place for them.

It was only in printing them out on A3, that I became aware of their strengths, as have others. This is the weakness of the Electronic Age. It is to easy to collect data, but it never sees the light of day. But hopefully this is all about to change.

On the back of having this show, next year I want to have an exhibition perhaps around October again, paying homage to the trees that are here in the centre, with reference to one particular tree. To have been here for 10 years and follow this one tree through all that time is fascinating. I have shot the tree at Emily, which will be the predominant focus, at all times of the year and day and in all weathers. it is never the same when i go out to see it.


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