Darwin Foreshore

4th September 2020

It is amazing really, that after seven weeks away from Darwin, I still marvel and draw inspiration from these patterns and the shorelines that hold them. The above image drips with saturated colour and clarity of form is sought with the mind’s eye as soon as one encounters it. I love watching the myriad patterns and the suggestions of association each colour conjures. there is just enough patterned variety to stop the forms looking predictable and that to me is it’s priceless gift. Every new encounter surrenders something new. 

26th July 2020

This foreshore is amazing. It is rare when one is completely surprised in landscape, but this was one of those occasions. I came across it serendipitously when I was wandering the shoreline at East Point Reserve a couple of weeks ago. I had no idea that just over a small outcrop which I had to climb to maintain access to the beach, I would come across a small cove with these sandstone patterns strewn all over the foreshore.

me copy 2

IMG_9960 copy 2.pngUntitled.png

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