Darwin bound

This series of drawings came about whilst I was away from the Territory for a number of years in Adelaide. I was thinking about the rail link between Adelaide and Darwin and the historical link that Stuart made to establish the Telegraph link whereupon Australia was linked to the rest of the world.
My journeyman, the frog, appeared as an epiphanic character showing the way to an illumination of sorts, through the vehicle of glass or its seminal element, silica.
I also saw this journey as a way of the cross or right of passage, and through seven transformations, Frog finally arrived at a destination of sorts.

One Response to “Darwin bound”

  1. My father was the inspiration for this series, even though he was dead by the time that I did it.
    We all make this journey at some stage or the other. and it is my one regret i could not have shared it with him.

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