Little tree

I have just added these two images to this blog, and there is the feeling that they add something extra and very sensual to the page. The analogy with pole dancing really is suggested here and full blown sensuality. Love it!



The start of my visual relationship with this beautiful little tree, and one that I shall continue to come back to.

I see this tree as being very feminine, and the long reach of the bough to the right seems to be a necessary appendage that the pole dancers use for their work. It certainly does not detract from the image, and adds something extra to the dynamic of the picture.

The more that I find these particular trees which etch out their existence invariably alone, the more I am fascinated in their articulation.Most trees grow in unison, but not so much here where water resources are much rarer Trees tend to grow up very quickly here or they do not survive. It is a precarious existence.






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