The image below is of me talking about my blackboard and the video that accompanies it, shot in B/W tells us also something about what I am trying to do.


These two B/W entries are excepts from my last board drawing that depicted the Green Knight story. I have deliberately made them into B/W images, as I feel that this gives even more focus onto the imagery. WE see Gawain if you like, like the Burghers of Calais, knowing their fate, yet going through with it, as that is their lot and duty. U saw the Burghers in Paris at the Rodin Art gallery, and feel that they have stayed with me all this time. having has said this, stoic though the figures are, they are quite prepared to face their fate. They know.




The two below videos herein explain the impulse behind a couple of Blackboards that I have made.

The use of chalk to encapsulate image is so evocative of idea. I love the fluidity of the material and the fact that it is so ephemeral. One wipe and it all goes. Forever. It is an exercise in non attachment and is a good way to just let things go.

3 Responses to “Blackboard”

  1. Enough said Noel…and now the book that has been waiting in the wings these past years? You may not be attached but I think I may be just a little

  2. wow wow wow beautiful Noel !!! X

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