Welcome friends to a work in progress.

I introduce this website with my journeyman, who will hopefully lead you through the website as it has for me over the past 18 years or so. My frog has no gender as in many ways this is superfluous, but what he does have is context and match practise being the archetype of connection and linkage.

I hope this web site creates interest and excitement into a world that is literally mind blowing. I live in proximity to the most amazing place on this planet, (Alice Springs, Australia) and really, the Centre offers everything that one could want. In particular, it affords dichotomy and contrast, and that alone affords a baedeker in which use to charts ones course.

There is nothing mundane here and the Centre attracts people from all walks of life usually bundled with a combination of the 3 Ms known as missionary, mercenary or misfit. Most of us are a combination of all three, but not all.

Oh, it is hostile and remote and inaccessible on some levels, but if you learn to listen to its subtle whispers and take in its warm embrace, you start to see its magic, feel its magic… but it is not something that is easily given. Like most pearls, you need to work on it and search for it.

I wish to add to this post and hopefully extend the parameters of what I am seeking to communicate but for the moment, I will let rest what I have given so far.


and leap

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