Calendar Art

May 12th.

You will see a lot more of these as I update this site, and they were based on a recent trip to New Zealand, the land of my birth. I came away from this journey, after 25 years’ absence, with a profound sense of being acknowledged and reclaimed, even though I am an Australian now, and have been for 30 odd years.

I am primarily a sculptor and this frames so much that I do. Being a photographer has also shaped the way that I look at the world, yet I realize the single image is not enough. I want more narrative with pictures and hence have gone to collage through photoshop. I enjoy this as the image becomes more layered (pardon the pun) and nuanced. I don’t find a single photos helps here at all, even though it might be clever and stunning, and believe me, there are plenty of stunning images around and clever compositioners.

For me, I wanted something more plastic, and the soil spoke to me. I started collapsing and scrunching my photocopied images (and I look forward to what happens with good quality images and good tough photographic paper that tears well), and all of a sudden, certain features could be, and were, accentuated and I could manipulate the gaze if you will with featuring certain aspects of the image so they projected out like the below image. it would have been pointless to obscure the face but the roots, although alluded to, did not need too much feature in the composition.

For me, the experiment was exciting and I embarked on a whole calendar of images where I produced a yearly calendar with these images all scrunched up and painted with PVA to hold their shape. I will place these here soon as I want others to be able to download from this site easily. If they want better quality I can send them also probably using Dropbox for example.


i rock copy.png

Here you can see that I have fused the scrumpled up paper image and photoshopped it straight back onto a rock face, grafting in a sense a connective tissue, tenously bound.


Adding the the beginning of this blog, I am excited at the plasticity of the images that afford more expressive abilities than just the image. I love the way with something like photoshop, you can link elements together in a seamless quite natural way. Look at the way those roots precariously hang onto the rock surface. We know it’s not true, yet we suspend belief as the image entices us to see beyond the stitch to the connections inherent and possibilities of the image.

waft copy.pngrootsers copy 3.pngstoned copy 2.png

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