My Emily

These images of Emily have been taken over a period of 8 years and I have come to see this tree as my own in a strange way. I am not claiming the tree as such, but more that indentification with the tree and what it means to me personally.
I think that every person on some level identifies with trees, and I at an early age knew we were twined quite closely. It has been a constant picture for me that when scouting a new place or area, I would immediately look at the local trees, as they tell me more about a place than anything else.
I come to this friend often, at times needing or wanting solace, and at other times peace, and also joy, as I know for example when it rains, the tree will be in for a real treat. We don’t get much rain here you see.
I will keep on adding to this tree, as I feel it has so much to offer all of us. It is a local identity here in the Alice and many people come to be under its shade, or camp under its wings for the night.
And every time that I come back to the tree, it has something new to say. In particular, the visible speech that is etched on the sand in the form of shadows is always illuminatory.

emily gap 13Gapped and Gapemily gap 14emilyEmily 3

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