Taking shape

•September 29, 2013 • 1 Comment

I love this picture. It amplifies for me everything I know about being part of one existence and yet knowing you are also twined to another.

We live our lives posited in one reality, and yet there is this knowledge, sometimes fleeting, that we are also articulated within, or by something else.

out of the water  copy copyTaking shape


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My mate

Welcome to my work in progress which charts many aspects of my interests and engagements.
The journeyman who accompanies me is ‘Frog’ who has proved to be a constant companion and a faithful one too.
Most if not all of you will have resonance with this archetype, as ddid most cultures historically and now contemporaneously,whether this be as a harbinger of good fortune, a psychopomp, or a herald. In any of the above and many more cases, Frog has proved itself a vibrant metaphor and a visual treat for all of us.

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